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Steam Games and Unity Assets from an experienced developer

Steam games and Unity assets that are useful for all kinds of projects or to help get started with game development.

Node Based RPG Template Kit (Unity Asset)

Fully functional node based RPG game template kit with a movement system based on Lara Croft GO and Hitman GO.

Documentation: PDF Documentation

3D Sprite Shadows and Animation (Unity Asset)

Animate and cast shadows from sprites in a 3D environment. Contains a sprite shadow shader and sprite animation scripts.

Documentation: PDF Documentation

[FREE ASSET] Fade With UI Toolkit (Unity Asset)

Transition fade using the UI Toolkit. Just drop the prefab into your project and set the fade color. Full demo scene example included with input blocking and coroutines.

Documentation: PDF Documentation

Battle Sweeper (Steam Game)

More than just Minesweeper with a new skin, Battle Sweeper lets you fight to win. Various characters, monster battles, healing, levels, and more. Multiple control options including full controller support.


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